Background, Purposes and Operation of the Midvale Heights Community Association.

  Background: On October 6, 1954 a meeting attended by about 50 persons was held at Midvale School for the purpose of starting a community association similar to the one then existing serving the residents of Westmorland. A committee was appointed by this group to do the necessary work in preparing for the creation of such an organization. This committee consisted of Ray Heibel, Doug Marshall, Bill Slater, Virginia Newman, Jane Thomas and John Luedtke. This committee drafted proposed articles of incorporation and by-laws. The basic considerations which this committee faced where considerations as to how large an area the association was to cover and those considerations, technical in nature, necessary to the creation of any such an organization. After this committee had prepared proposed articles and by-laws, copies were distributed throughout the neighborhood and a second meeting was held. This meeting was in November, and was attended by some 175 persons. At this meeting these persons elected and initial board of directors and authorized this board to create the organization and adopt the by-laws.

  Subsequent to this second meeting the board of directors met on several occasions and discussed the articles and by-laws. Change were made, several in accord with suggestions made by members at the second general meeting. Other changes were the result of suggestions by the directors. The most significant change was to give the temporary members located in the area west of Hilltop Drive representation on the board of directors. In December the articles were filed and the organization legally came into existence. The board then officially passed the by-laws.

  Purposes: Article III of the Articles of Incorporation provide that: "The Purposes shall be to provide an organization through which the members are better able to deal with the civic problems in the community as well as to provide an organization to promote the recreational;, educational and social life of their community.

  Operation: Subsequent th the creation of the organization the board of directors as well as the various committees have been actively engaged in making the organization an efficient working entity; administrative details necessary to a working organization have been worked out; membership fees have been collected; a children's Christmas party and a dance for the adults have been held; contact has been made with the various departments of the city government relative to street improvements, crosswalks, electric lighting, recreational facilities as well as on other miscellaneous matters;.

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