Let's Go Green!

Join the Green Team to keep our neighborhood beautiful. Our Green Team functions with keeping our 6 parks/playgrounds tidy for guests, caring for the plants in the 10 medians on Tokay Boulevard and the plants at the Bison Prairie Gateway, and picking up the litter in the green medians on Segoe Road. Tasks include spring & fall clean-ups, planting, pruning, raking leaves, weeding, deadheading, etc. If you are interested and willing to help, please let the Green Team know. Please email your information to the Green Team with your name, phone #, street address, email address, your gardening experience & when you could help keep our neighborhood beautiful. This can be a family learning activity with Master Gardeners.

If you would like to join the Green Team, email Wendy Weber at .

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The Midvale Heights Community Association has a Green Team that works to keep our neighborhood beautiful:

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