Picture by George Merriman, 2005
Picture by George Merriman, 2005
2024 MHCA Tee-Ball/Coach Pitch Information Sheet

Welcome to Midvale Heights Community Association Baseball! MHCA Baseball is a three-league system designed to teach the fundamentals of baseball in a positive atmosphere.

Applications are due by April 15th

Tee-Ball (Tuesdays at 5:20 pm & 6:10 pm at Piper Park* and Segoe Park)
Tee-ball players should be beginners between the ages 3 and 5 (kids must be 3 or turning 3 during the summer to be eligible). There is a focus on fun while introducing the basics of baseball. Teams hit their entire line-up for each of the two inning games.

Minor Coach Pitch (Thursdays at 5:45 pm & 7:00 pm at Piper Park* and Segoe Park)
Minor leaguers are kids ages 5 to 7, who are fresh from Tee-ball, have hit pitching at home, or have 1 year of coach pitch experience. Focus for minor leaguers is placed on hitting and base running as well as basic fielding skills. While teams hit their entire line-up each of their three inning games, outs are enforced and only “legal” runners are allowed on base.

Major Coach Pitch (Wednesdays at 5:45 pm and 7:00 pm at Midvale School)
Major leaguers are kids ages 7 to 9+ who can hit coach pitching. For these kids, the entire game is brought together. Fielding skills are emphasized as well as base running and hitting. All baseball rules including three outs per inning are enforced.

Fees: First Child = $50.00 and Second Child = $40.00.
Please make out checks to MHCA.
We will try our best to honor all your requests.

    *** Season will begin the week of June 3rd and end the week of July 22nd ***

Release: MHCA requires that you fill out registration and release form in its entirety and that you read, sign the release portion where indicated, and return before your child will be allowed to play.

Mail to:
MHCA c/o
Michael Pressman
5010 Woodburn Dr.
Madison, WI 53711

For any other information, please contact:
Mike Pressman 288-0993

You can also drop the application & check off at my house. Applications are due by April 15th

Baseball League Registration 2024 .doc file link

Baseball League Registration 2024 pdf file links:
Download .pdf file
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* While it is known locally as "Piper Park", and is bounded on the east side by "Piper Drive", the park is actually named "Oak Park Heights Park" and is at 641 Hilltop Drive.

MHCA Youth Baseball Newsletter
Each summer, the Midvale Heights Community Association sponsors a T-ball/Coach Pitch program for the children of Midvale Heights residents.

If you think you might be interested in having your child, or children, participate, you can enter your email, and you will get an email reminder when it is time to register.

Enter your email address and check the MHCA Baseball box into the MailChimp email options form at the link below.

Any resident of Midvale Heights may subscribe, you do not have to be a member.

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