Registration is open and you are welcome to register and join. Your information will not be included in the printed directory, but you will get a copy of the printed directory and the discount card.

If you join now, it will be for the second half of the 2023-2025 membership period, and the fee will be $15.00.

Midvale Heights Community Association online registration page

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Midvale Heights Community Association

2023 - 2025 online registration

The information that you provide with this form will be kept by the MHCA. Some of it is shared with MHCA members. The information is made available both through a printed and distributed 2023-2025 MHCA Membership Directory, and on the web through an account on MidvaleHeights.org. Email addresses are only used by the MHCA Board (including block captains) they are not included in the printed Directory, and they are not available on the web.

If you are interested in accessing the other member information on the web, you need to create an account on MidvaleHeights.org. You can do that before using this MHCAregister page, but you will have to wait until your account request is approved.

All paid members of MHCA may create an account at MidvaleHeights.org, but creating an account is not required.

[+] 2023 - 2025 Membership Directory

If you want to check if you are registered for 2023 - 2025, you can select your address below and when you click on the "Register for the MHCA using this address" button it will tell you if that address is already registered.

Registration options

There are multiple options for registering as a 2023 - 2025 member of the Midvale Heights Community Association.

  • You can select your address below, and enter your registration information online, without having to register an account on MidvaleHeights.org.
  • You can register an account on MidvaleHeights.org, and then use your account to revisit this page, and enter your registration information.
    (Logging in allows you to access your membership information, it also gives you access to the other features available on MidvaleHeights.org).
  • You can download a copy of the membership form, print it, fill it out, and mail it in with your dues.
       -  The full 4 page 2023-2025 Membership Messenger which includes the registration form: 2023 - 2025 Membership Messenger Note, this has not been updated to reflect the second half of the 2023 - 2025 membership period. If you use this copy of the registration form, the fee is only $15.00, not $30.00 as listed.
       -  The MHCA 2023 - 2025 Membership Registraion form page only: 2023-2025 Membership Registraion form Updated to indicated second year of two year membership period.
If you choose to register using the online registration form, you can also pay your Dues using a PayPal payment button, or you can mail a check for your dues to the MHCA.

You can register, without creating a MidvaleHeights.org account, by using the drop down selection below:

- If you register without logging in, someone will review the data you enter before your registration is recorded. Do not register multiple times.

Please be careful to pick your address and not register for someone else's address.

Start your registration here:

      First select your ,

      then select your address , 

      then click on the "Register for the MHCA using this address" button below.

If you have problems with, or questions about, using the online registration, you can contact:
  Tom Jarvis

  Area 8 Co-Director and MidvaleHeights.org Website manager   4625 Tokay Blvd.   (608) 238-9758


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