Midvale Messenger

Published by Midvale Heights Community Association, Ltd.

A not-for-profit corporation.

The Midvale Heights Community Association publishes a bi-monthly newsletter, the Midvale Messenger, which is distributed to all Midvale Heights Community Association members. When the Midvale Messenger is published, we send out an email to all the members that gave us email addresses.

The most recent Midvale Messenger issue: July - August 2024 - 1,740 KB

Some printed copies of the Midvale Messenger will be made available at the Sequoya Branch Library.

The Midvale Messengers are also published on-line and links to the new messengers are added to this page. You can subscribe to an email list if you want to be notified when a new issue of the Midvale Messenger is available on the web.

Dustin Beilke is the newsletter editor. You can email Dustin at:

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Deadlines for Article Submissions
Midvale Messenger is published six times a year: Jan/Mar/May/July/Sep/Nov. The deadline for submitting an article is the 15th of the month before publication:

  • Dec 15 for January
  • Feb 15 for March
  • April 15 for May
  • June 15 for July
  • Aug 15 for September
  • Oct 15 for November

Older Midvale Messengers:

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