MHCA Area Director's meeting minutes

Minutes of the monthly Midvale Heights Community Association Area Director's meeting.

October 2018 Annual Meeting minutes

chuckkrei Monday 14 of January, 2019
DRAFT*** TUESDAY October 23, 2018, 6:45 pm ***DRAFT***
  1. Minutes taken from Midvale Heights Messenger newsletter write-up, with additions at the end:
    1. MHCA hosted its annual membership meeting at Sequoya Library on October 23, with MHCA board vice-president Gary Poulson emceeing the event. In our annual “state of the neighborhood” summary, he highlighted successful MHCA activities, but acknowledged some issues as well. Successes included repairing the Bison Prairie statues, funding playground equipment at Van Hise Elementary, prairie restoration work at multiple spots around the neighborhood, and the continuation of our Summer Nights at Segoe concert series. Poulson also noted a recent incident in which presumptive state representative Shelia Stubbs was approached by police while canvassing in Midvale Heights due to someone calling in her parked car as suspicious. The car was parked near a suspected drug house, precipitating the call. The incident received national media coverage and caused a lot of hurt and fear locally. We hope that a facilitated community discussion where all feel included, safe, and heard in the future will help us come to a more common understanding of each other’s lived experience in our neighborhood.
    2. We held elections for Area Directors of even-numbered areas this year, with most current board members on the ballot to continue for another two-year term. Gary Poulson is stepping down after over 20 years on the board, and Joy Cardin was elected to replace him for Area 2.
    3. Ron Rotter, another longtime board member, presented a thank you gift to Mike Pressman, who coordinates the successful youth baseball league that also helps fund MHCA activities. Mike noted that a past player was just signed to the Tampa Bay Rays.
    4. We heard from Carousel Bayrd and Mo Cheeks on topics at the county and city levels, including flooding, immigration, bail reform, city budgets, police and fire departments, and evictions. Our representatives were kind enough to linger and answer questions from the audience until the library shut down.
    5. But folks, if you weren’t at the annual meeting this year, you missed the chocolate! Sandwiched (nougated?) in between all the neighborhood news was our main speaker, Midvale Heights resident Megan Hile, chocolatier and owner of Madison Chocolate Company, located on Monroe and Glenway Sts., who brought freshly made chocolates along for the audience to sample. She told an engaging story about her journey integrating her background as a Spanish teacher into sourcing cocoa and coffee from Central and South America, then embracing the science of chocolate making as a “language arts person,” finding financing, and being her own general contractor for the shop when money ran short. In addition to serving and selling chocolate at the shop, there is a menu that includes quiche, gluten free waffles, other items, coffee, and, of course, chocolate. Megan told the crowd that the space is designed to encourage people to linger and connect. She welcomes neighbors to hang out at Madison Chocolate Company and “enjoy something to put a smile on your face.”
  2. Additions that were not in the newsletter write-up:
    1. Jean Sweet passed away about a month ago. She served on the Midvale Heights Community Association board for a long time.
    2. Gary Poulson thanks Terese Berceau for her service as Alder and in the State Assembly. The Midvale Heights Community Association will be making a donation to the Sequoya library in her honor.

Newsletter write-up written by Jenny Chipault and edited by Denise Lamb. Additions submitted by Jenny Chipault

November 2018 Area Directors' meeting minutes

chuckkrei Saturday 12 of January, 2019
      • DRAFT*** TUESDAY November 27, 2018, 6:45 pm ***DRAFT***
Present: J. Chipault, C. Kreimendahl, G. Poulson, J. Cardin, D. Lamb, E. Mackey, T. Jarvis, L. Raihala, R. Rotter, E. Rogers, G. Fischer
Also present: Steve Fitzsimmons, Cathy Rotter, Colleen Butler, Gwyn Schell
1. Chipault called the meeting to order at 6:48 p.m.
2. Santa Visits: Gwyn needs extra volunteers for 12/20 due to higher demand for visits. Ed will post on NextDoor, Steve in Nwatch and Gwyn via MHCA email.
3. Introductions followed.
4. Inclusive Foundations: Colleen Butler developed a proposal based on talking to Carousel Bayrd about the neighborhood 911 report incident. We would host a forum/discussion session about inclusivity for our and Madison neighborhoods. The cost would be $500 for a half-day event. Goal is to make people more comfortable with hearing conversations on inclusivity, race and culture. Query whether to invite Midvale Hts residents only or surrounding neighbors also. Could use GoogleForm for registering participants. She needs at least two months lead time to prepare. After discussion, Board tabled it to think about and revisit at January Board meeting.
5. September minutes, as amended regarding Paul Haskew’s details: Motion/2nd to approve. Motion carried.
6. Treasurer’s Financial Report. Ron reported funds on hand were $44,559.94. He may start to show donations made to specific projects in the accounting. As to neighborhood sign funds, Jenny noted that the Mineral Point Rd sign had been knocked down and damaged. She kept the pieces and we will revisit this in the spring.
7. No legislative reports available.
8. Terese Berceau Thank-You: Gary suggested a donation to Sequoya Library in her name in thanks for her service as our state legislator and prior Board member. Motion/amendment/2nd to make $500 donation. Motion carried.
9. Board Officer Election: Nominations for President-Jenny Chipault
Vice President-Gary Poulson
Treasurer-Ron Rotter
Secretary-Chuck Kreimendahl
Motion/2nd to close nominations and approve slate of nominees. Motion carried.

10. Good Neighbor Project: Steve confirmed that Neighborhood Watch was converted to the Midvale Heights Good Neighbor Project by action of their Steering Committee on 11/26/18. The Project will continue much as the prior program, but with additional input from the City/Police about how best to enhance safety and our sense of community. Motion/2nd to support the new project branding and provision of services and sponsor the group via MHCA as we did with the prior project. Motion carried
11. Madison School and Community Recreation (MSCR): Their Fit2Go free recreation program will visit one of the Midvale Hts parks this summer. Elizabeth will be the point person to coordinate this. Board consensus welcome it to MH.
12. Midtown Police Dept Garden: Sunset Village is soliciting donations for this. Motion/2nd to approve $100. Motion carried.
13. Announcements: Jenny heard from a non-resident who wanted to join MHCA in order to get a Discount Card. This will not be allowed.
Jenny noted that Jim Riffle who started our MHCA Facebook page still does lots of helpful posts such as City policies, events, etc.
Denise announced that newsletter volunteers are meeting soon.
Ed relayed Van Hise PTO’s decision not to include plaque recognizing T-ball funds as they want to use all of the donated funds for playground equipment for the children.
Ed (on a related note) said Segoe/Slater Parks are getting new playground equipment this year. There is a second Parks Dept meeting planned for public input on which equipment is desirable; at Van Hise School 12/6 at 6 p.m.
Meeting adjourned by motion at 8:40 p.m.
Respectfully submitted by C. Kreimendahl, Secy.

September 2018 Area Directors' meeting minutes

chuckkrei Friday 23 of November, 2018
TUESDAY September 25, 2018, 6:45 pm
Present: J. Chipault, C. Kreimendahl, G. Poulson, E. Mackey, T. Jarvis, L. Raihala, S. Rudman, E. Rogers, J. Lager
Also present: Steve Fitzsimmons, Ben Nyquist
1. Chipault called the meeting to order at 6:47 p.m. Introductions followed.
2. August minutes: Motion/2nd to approve. Motion carried.
3. Chipault presented Treasurer Rotter’s Financial Report. Funds on hand were $42,996.61. Garage sale coordinators reported 37 sales and almost broke even for our budget. Reviewed Segoe Concerts outlays.
4. No legislative reports available.
5. The October Annual Meeting will start at 6:30 on 10/23. Volunteers are welcome to set up chairs at 5:30 and clean up afterwards. Poulson will get coffee, Lamb cider and Board members treats. Rogers will send out post card invitations. Raihala will introduce guest speaker, Megan Hile, Madison Chocolate Company owner. Chipault may prepare a slide show of MHCA projects/accomplishments. Rogers will check on T-ball plaque with PTO. Rotter/Mackey will present gift to Mike Pressman. Poulson will thank Terese Berceau. Elections are for even-numbered area directors.
6. Neighborhood Watch needs to donate to Midvale Lutheran for meeting room use. Motion/second to donate $500. Motion carried.
7. Santa Visits-skipped/tabled.
8. Membership-Paul Haskew is retiring from membership committee duties. Jarvis counted 444 members this year, and will be setting aside new directories for late registrants, to be delivered by Kreimendahl. Westmorland has expressed interest in partnering with MHCA on the local business Discount Cards, for which we should form a committee come winter/spring.
8a. Appointment of Ben Nyquist, Area 13 resident to the Board. Motion/second; motion carries.
8b. Detailed discussion of 911 call by resident on Shelia Stubbs during election campaign. Noted extensive publicity about the drug house/racial bias issue. Do we need an action plan? What response? Will aim toward contacting stakeholders about setting up a meeting or forum to discuss inclusion/safety issues.

Lamb will continue search for newsletter editor. Announced that Sept/Oct newsletter is a bit late this month, but is at the printer.
Meeting adjourned by motion at 8:31 p.m.
Respectfully submitted by C. Kreimendahl, Secy.

August 2018 MHCA Directors meeting minutes

chuckkrei Saturday 22 of September, 2018
TUESDAY August 28, 2018, 6:45 pm
Present: J. Chipault, C. Kreimendahl, G. Poulson, D. Lamb, T. Jarvis, L. Raihala, R. Rotter, W. Weber, E. Rogers, G. Fischer, J. Lager
1. Chipault called the meeting to order at 6:48 p.m. Introductions followed.
2. June minutes as redrafted: Motion/2nd to approve. Motion carried.
October, 2017 Annual Meeting minutes were prepared from Rogers’ notes: motion/second to approve. Motion carried.
3. Treasurer Rotter distributed Financial Report. Funds on hand were $45,281.21, less $260 for postcard membership charges. Chipault sent a special thank you to the neighbor member who donated $500. Marcel Wuethrich had received a separate $200 donation for the Odana Hills Prairie. Poulson requests that we thank Mike Pressman for his years of TBall efforts. Perhaps by a recognition plaque for the MHCA contribution to the Van Hise playground. Rogers will contact VH PTO. Also discussion of gift certificate or enlarged photo of Tball field. Motion/2nd to provide a thank you gift certificate of $100 for Food Fight restaurants to Pressman. Motion carried.
4. No legislative reports available.
5. New newsletter editor trainee has backed out/resigned. Lamb will remind members in September newsletter that we need a replacement now. She will reach out to the others who had tentatively volunteered for that.
6. For the October Annual Meeting guest speaker, Poulson will contact news reporter Tony Galli. As a backup, Raihala will contact Megan Hile, Madison Chocolate Company owner. Chipault will invite legislators Stubbs, Cheeks and Bayrd. Rogers will handle Annual Meeting postcard notices to members.
7. Membership: Jarvis explained minor problems with updating the member email lists in Mail Chimp. May need to have Neighborhood Watch establish separate Mail Chimp account. Will cut off this year’s registration soon and print/send membership discount cards with directories.
8. Chipault reported being contacted by West Side Pool staff about their hosting the 2019 All-City Swim Meet to inquire about parking issues/problems then in the SW corner of MH neighborhood.
Lamb recapped Concert series: good attendance except for the rain/moved-inside show. Food carts were poor this year with long lines and running out of food, which we will ask them to correct next year. She requests better visibility of MHCA as sponsor such as in the advertising and banner sign for the events.
Chipault relayed that Steve Fitzsimmons obtained a city traffic engineering update with planned 2019 improvements for MH. Check out their web site.
Chipault extended invitation to Madison Mayor’s Conference on 11/17/18. We could send a rep, so she will forward the email invitation.
Rogers brought and distributed some extra I♥MHCA bumper stickers.
Meeting adjourned by motion at 8:21 p.m.
Respectfully submitted by C. Kreimendahl, Secy.

June 2018 MHCA Directors meeting minutes

chuckkrei Monday 13 of August, 2018
      • DRAFT*** TUESDAY June 26, 2018, 6:45 pm ***DRAFT***
Present: J. Chipault, C. Kreimendahl, G. Paulson, T. Jarvis, R. Rotter, S. Rudman, W. Weber, G. Fischer, J. Lager, K. Reuter-Krohn
Also present: Casey Hanson, Randy Peterson, Ben Nyquist
1. Chipault called the meeting to order at 6:49 p.m. Introductions followed.
2. April minutes: Motion/2nd to approve as supplemented by Mackey. Motion carried.
May minutes: motion/second to approve. Motion carried.
3. Treasurer Rotter distributed Financial Report. Funds on hand were $46,965.97. He also summarized picnic funding going back to 2005 and included a separate budget line showing school project funding.
4. Hanson from Friends of Lake Wingra explained their focus group process which commenced two years ago. Part of MH is in the Wingra watershed. City adopted the watershed plan which was prepared with contractor Strand Associates. Friends want feedback on neighborhood concerns. A leaf study to determine phosphorus (and chloride?) contribution is over, and Board asked for results and updates from that. City has a snow plowing business certification program to limit amount of salt used on pavements. Board suggestions included a Friends article in our newsletter and Website and annual meeting presentation.
5. Odana Prairie: Marcel Wuethrich reported prairie plating progress of over 1000 plants (plugs) installed. See mhprairie.org website. Some weeds will remain until better established. Needs a string trimmer and mower repair to help control them. Suggested an evening open house/tour at prairie this summer. Motion/2nd to fund $400 for above equipment. Motion carried.
Ron will help with informational signs to be set out at the site.
6. Membership: Jarvis/Kreimendahl said that while registration numbers are a bit down so far, there are still some received that are yet to be entered into database. Multiple year registration was (again) discussed and dismissed for this year. To revisit next year. Joy Cardin may volunteer on membership efforts.
7. Additional sign plantings: Randy Peterson presented bills for $164 that his spouse Diana had incurred for replacing some of the lost plants (to rodents?) at the Odana/Segoe MHCA sign. Motion/2nd to approve. Motion carried.
Kreimendahl reported that the Bison Prairie bison statue repairman still intends to do the promised repairs.
Chipault announced that there are likely replacements for newsletter editor, which Lamb will train. Also detailed for the Segoe Concerts that MHCA should appear conspicuously as sponsor on the flyers, and that Lamb was commencing advertising, with first concert set for 7/6.
Annual meeting speaker suggestions were welcomed and a few given.
Chipault noted that i9Sports had contacted her about recruiting at our picnic for their private kids’ sports league business. Some concern about endorsing that, especially in light of our support for T-ball league. Lager mentioned that a former T-ball participant is now in th major baseball leagues.
Rotter announced receiving a citation/warning from City about sidewalk shrub/tree overgrowth.
Meeting adjourned by motion at 8:21 p.m.
Respectfully submitted by C. Kreimendahl, Secy.

May 2018 Directors Meeting Minutes

chuckkrei Tuesday 12 of June, 2018
TUESDAY May 22, 2018, 6:45 pm
Present: C. Kreimendahl, P. Schell, D. Lamb, E. Mackey, T. Jarvis, R. Rotter, W. Weber, E. Rogers, G. Fischer, J. Lager, K. Reuter-Krohn
Also present: Cammie Martin, Kris Schutte
1. Kreimendahl called the meeting to order at 6:50 p.m. Introductions followed.
2. Cammie Martin with Westmorland Neighborhood Association described their Fourth of July celebration for which they are again requesting our support. This year there will be the usual kids’ and other activities. They are also hosting music in conjunction with Make Music Madison on 6/21. Motion/second to contribute $500 as sponsorship of the 7/4 event. Motion carried.
3. Kris Schutte announced a 5/30 meeting regarding the 4/27 fatal Midvale Blvd accident. The meeting will feature the MPD Crime Response Mgr to address trauma and emotional reactions to the accident.Motion/second to authorize blast email to our membership to publicize the meeting. Discussion resulted in consensus that the email (which Jarvis will assist with) can happen without special authorization. No action taken. Additional discussion about traffic safety. Mackey was drafting a letter to our Alder to request safety measures on streets near her house. Invited other Board members to contribute comments about other areas in Midvale Hts with similar concerns to include in the letter. This topic should be placed on next month’s agenda.
4. April minutes: Schell questioned why no detail about the discussion that led to the large donation to Van Hise for the playground equipment. Mackey offered to summarize the various factors considered. Minutes approval tabled to next meeting.
February minutes: motion/second to approve. Motion carried.
5. Treasurer Rotter distributed Financial Report. Funds on hand were $48,077.97. He also recounted the schools’ projects funding going back to 1995. Lamb requested that the Segoe Concert money already budgeted be moved into that account line.
6. Kreimendahl mentioned Lake Wingra Task Force request for MHCA member to attend meetings starting 6/11.
7. Jarvis said online membership registration site is about ready. Lamb reported that Membership Messenger would be available for block captains to deliver after Memorial Day. Discussion that donation lines on membership form, especially the tree fund, should remain.

8. Announcements:
Jarvis identified 1643 separate addresses for MHCA for membership counting purposes.
Lamb reiterated the Summer Segoe Concert lineup with 4 bands contracted and 3 food carts per night arranged. Rotter will make yard signs for the concert site.
Jarvis mentioned email seemingly from GoDaddy that is actually a phishing scam.
Jarvis noted a thank you from RSVP of Dane Co. to which we had made a $50 donation in Rita Meisner’s memory.
Rogers forwarded a request from Nancy Kieraldo to advance $500 of her already budgeted Bison Prairie funds to this year so they can get a jump on weed removal. Motion/second to allow. Motion carried.
Weber suggested possible project to assist postal carriers in their annual food drive. She’ll check with postmaster and report back.
Meeting adjourned by motion at 8:20 p.m.
Respectfully submitted by C. Kreimendahl, Secy./Chair pro tem